Crewdle Connectors


Connectors in Crewdle provide seamless integration between the Crewdle platform and various third-party services, enhancing the platform's capabilities by enabling direct communication and data exchange. This guide focuses on our range of connectors, including the Crewdle Mist Datadog Connector, designed to simplify the integration process and expand functionality for developers.

Available Connectors

Crewdle Mist Datadog Connector

  • Purpose: Streamlines the process of sending SDK logs directly to your Datadog account for efficient log management and analysis.
  • Key Benefits: Simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting of SDK performance using Datadog's analytical tools without complex configurations.

Crewdle Object Storage (OPFS) Connector

  • Purpose: Enables efficient management and storage of large volumes of data directly on devices, leveraging the mist computing model for enhanced data sovereignty and privacy.
  • Key Benefits: Reduces latency and bandwidth usage by localizing data storage, improves data security, and integrates seamlessly with existing cloud storage solutions.

Crewdle IndexedDB Connector

  • Purpose: Facilitates efficient, client-side storage of significant amounts of structured data, including files/blobs. This connector allows for high-performance, rich query capabilities, suitable for offline applications and progressive web apps (PWAs).
  • Key Benefits: Offers a robust solution for storing and retrieving data quickly and efficiently with full support for transactions. Ideal for applications that require a large amount of data to be cached client-side.

Getting Started

Before integrating any connectors, ensure you have installed the Crewdle Mist SDK. For specific connectors like the Datadog Connector, you may also need accounts or tokens from the third-party service (e.g., a Datadog client token).


Install the required connector package via npm. For example, to install the Datadog Connector:

npm install @crewdle/mist-connector-datadog

Repeat similar steps for other connectors based on your needs, replacing @crewdle/mist-connector-datadog with the package name of the connector you wish to install.

Configuration and Usage

Crewdle Mist Datadog Connector

import { DatadogLoggingConnector } from '@crewdle/mist-connector-datadog';

const sdk = await SDK.getInstance('[VENDOR ID]', '[ACCESS TOKEN]', {
  loggingConnectors: [
    new DatadogLoggingConnector('[CLIENT TOKEN]', '[SITE]'),

Replace placeholders like [VENDOR ID], [ACCESS TOKEN], [CLIENT TOKEN], and [SITE] with your actual credentials.

Crewdle Object Storage (OPFS) Connector

import { OPFSObjectStoreConnector } from '@crewdle/mist-connector-opfs';

const sdk = await SDK.getInstance('[VENDOR ID]', '[ACCESS TOKEN]', {
  objectStoreConnector: OPFSObjectStoreConnector,

Crewdle IndexedDB Connector

import { IDBDatabaseConnector } from '@crewdle/mist-connector-indexed-db';

const sdk = await SDK.getInstance('[VENDOR ID]', '[ACCESS TOKEN]', {
  keyValueDatabaseConnector: IDBDatabaseConnector,


Offer practical examples demonstrating how to use each connector within a project. This could include code snippets showing how to send logs to Datadog, how to exchange data with other services, and more.

Support and Community

For assistance with connectors, reach out to [email protected] or visit our GitHub repository. Join our Discord community for discussions on specific use cases or to connect with fellow developers.