Crewdle Mist Integration Guides

Crewdle is extending the cloud with the introduction of mist computing—a more efficient and secure evolution of distributed computing.

The SDK is built to enhance your development process, offering straightforward integration of decentralized technologies. It provides easy-to-use interfaces for Pub/Sub messaging, Object Storage, and Key-Value Database services designed to integrate into your solutions seamlessly.

Mist Services

The Crewdle SDK provides you with several mist services to help decentralize your computing need.


The Pub/Sub service empowers developers to build robust, real-time, scalable messaging and data processing systems. This model decouples the producers of data (publishers) from the consumers of data (subscribers), facilitating a highly efficient and distributed messaging system. In the context of mist computing, the Pub/Sub service ensures data integrity, low-latency communication, and fault tolerance by leveraging the distributed nature of nodes.

Object Storage

The Object Storage service is engineered to provide highly durable, scalable, and secure storage for unstructured data. It treats data as distinct units, called objects, which are stored in a flat address space and enriched with metadata. This service is particularly advantageous in mist computing scenarios where security and geographic distribution are paramount. Object Storage facilitates the storage of vast amounts of unstructured data like multimedia files and big data sets, ensuring accessibility across the decentralized network.

Key-Value Database

The Key-Value Database service provides a highly performant, scalable, and flexible storage solution, enabling developers to store data with dynamic structures. Each item is stored as a key paired with its value, allowing for streamlined data access without predefined schemas. Optimized for speed and simplicity, the Key-Value Database excels in environments where quick read and write operations are crucial. Mist computing enables faster data access, reduced latency, and enhanced performance even at the edge of the network.